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The Woolpack fishery
Flora & Fauna
Located between a nature reserve and a SSSI, it's no surprise that the Woolpack is richly endowed with a pleasing diversity of wildlife. For anglers for whom there is much more to fishing than just catching fish, the site's flora and fauna is an important part of the pleasure of 'just being there'.
I've recorded 100 bird species on site including scarce species such as Bittern, Cetti's Warbler, Woodcock, Nightingale and Merlin, together with 19 species of butterfly and 11 species of dragonflies and damselflies.
There is always something of interest going on while fishing! Of course the site is managed principally as a fishery, but with constant reference to the maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity in support of native species.
There is a serious purpose to all this. Namely, my belief that it should be possible for angling, and the maintenance and enhancement of a rich biodiversity to be complimentary, rather than mutually exclusive, as all too many of the bodies responsible for the preservation of our planet's biodiversity seem to think!